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January 1, 2013

The Recipe Box ...Candies & Confections...Sugar Easter Eggs

Molded Sugar Easter Eggs

Easter and Sweets seem to go together. In the early to mid last century, molded sugar confections were often part of Family Easter Traditions. For the Recipe for Chocolate Marshmallow Easter Eggs, click here... molded sugar easter egg 2 The Edge of This molded sugar Easter egg shell broke, but rather than discarding, I piped Royal Icing around the broken area; it can still do duty as a candy dish.

About Molded Sugar Easter Eggs

Baking Pans/Tools list
  • Plastic 2 piece egg mold
  • Big plastic bowl with lid
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Measuring Cup
  • Piece of Cardboard
  • Sieve

    Ingredient List
    For Egg Shell
    berry sugar*
    food colouring

    For Royal Icing:
    icing sugar
    egg white
    Cream of Tartar

    *berry sugar is very fine granulated white sugar

    Molded Sugar Easter Egg 1 When you set the two halves together to further dry the icing trim, be sure to use two pieces of plastic wrap, one for each half. If not, you may have serious trouble removing the top and bottom from each other when dry.

  • Molded Sugar Easter Egg Molded Sugar Easter Eggs

    For egg "shell"
    2 Cups berry Sugar
    4 teaspoons water
    Food Colouring

    For decoration:
    1 batch of Royal Icing

  • Assemble all tools and ingredients together

  • Add a small amount of food colouring to the 4 teaspoons of water

  • Mix the water and berry sugar together (it should resemble damp sand)

  • Pack the damp berry sugar into the egg mold

  • Overturn the mold onto a piece of sturdy cardboard

  • Place the cardboard into a preheated 200°f oven and bake for approx 15 minutes.

  • Remove from oven and check to make sure that a crust has formed on the outside of the sugar egg halves.

  • Carefully spoon out the sugar from center of the eggs (and put back into the plastic bowl to use for more eggs after you sieve it)

  • Let sugar egg shells dry thoroughly before handling again

  • When completely dryed, lightly sand the inside of the sugar egg shell with a scrubby pad (or very fine sandpaper) and remove loose particles

  • Make the Royal Icing and tint as you wish

  • Thin a small amount of the royal icing tinted the same colour as the egg shell, brush on the insides of the egg shell halves, and let dry

  • Place each half, open side down, on a separate piece of plastic wrap and pipe Royal Icing around the edges. Let set.

  • When nearly dry, put the egg together, still with the two pieces of plastic wrap attached to the egg halves

  • Decorate the top of the Easter Egg as you wish.

  • Let dry completely

  • Remove top from bottom and remove plastic wrap

    Enjoy the Molded Sugar Easter Egg as a centerpiece, gift box, or candy dish. If you have used pasturized egg whites in the Royal Icing or if you have used Meringue Powder, the egg should be perfectly safe to eat...except for the fact that it is 99% sugar....

  • sugar egg ingredientsSugar, water, and food colouring is all that you will need to make a basic sugar egg shell.

    sugar eggs 1Berry Sugar and Coloured Water Mixed sugar egg 2Damp Sugar Packed into Egg Molds sugar egg 4 Molded Damp Sugar Turned onto Cardboard to Dry sugar egg 3Spooning excess Sugar from center of sugar egg halves sugar egg 5Sugar egg halves ready to brush with thinned royal icing